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Patent Prosecution and Maintenance

As of the beginning of our firm’s operation, we have represented clients to handle their patent prosecution and maintenance work. We represent our clients for their patent prosecution and maintenance work in Taiwan and foreign countries (such as China, USA, Europe, Japan, Korea etc.). In October 2003, our firm established alliance with Lee and Li-Leaven IPR Agency Ltd. in Beijing, China to jointly provide clients with quality Greater China Patent Services.


Services provided by the Patent Prosecution and Maintenance Practice Group (“Patent Practice Group) include patent harvesting, patent drafting, patent application and maintenance, patent contract negotiation and recordation, patent invalidation actions, patent term extension, patent searches, patent analysis, global patent prosecution strategy consultation etc. Considering the number of local patent applications filed through our firm, our firm is in a leading position. Our clients include many famous multi-national companies, and some of these clients have worked with us for more than 30 to 40 years.


Members of the Patent Practice Group include patent attorneys, patent agents, lawyers, technical experts etc., and some of them have passed the patent bar examination or the bar examination in the States. More than 90% of our professional staff members received master or higher degrees in Taiwan or abroad, and they are all fluent in English or Japanese language. The Patent Practice Group handle patent cases in all kinds of technical fields, such as mechanical engineering, industrial design, automation, electrical engineering, optical science, telecommunications, IT, semiconductor, chemistry, electrochemistry, medical science and biochemical technology, etc. The Patent Practice Group also includes attorneys and legal professionals, and some of them have multiple backgrounds, such as law, technology and business management.


Members of the Patent Practice Group have participated in public projects, such as participating in public hearings for amendment of the Patent Law or Patent Examination Guideline, activities of domestic or international patent/IP organizations, domestic or international seminars, publishing articles, giving speeches, acting as pro bona patent agents, helping the Intellectual property Office to prepare translations of the Patent Law etc.  


Our firm established a patent translation platform to provide quality patent translation services, of which the major features include “unique translation process”, “quality control mechanisms”, “electronic technical terminology database” etc., which have ensured the quality and cost efficiency of our translation services. To ensure the efficiency and risk prevention of our patent prosecution services, we have also developed a patent case management system to serve needs from our firm, patent offices and our clients.


Our firm has been continuously selected as the Best or the Top patent firm through international surveys, and some of our colleagues are also selected as the Best patent attorneys. Considering our professional resources, long lasting recognition and trust by clients, our alliance with Lee and Li-Leaven IPR Agency Ltd. in Beijing and long term cooperation with patent firms in other countries, Lee and Li has become the best choice for clients’ global patent prosecution matters.