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Criminal Litigation

Our Experiences
Lee and Li dedicates itself to providing a full range of services, and dispute resolution in investment or business matters is an essential service. Over the years, Lee and Li has advised many companies, gaining extensive experience in criminal disputes over company operations and corporate transactions with the government, shareholders, employees, and competitors, as well as criminal disputes related to the Securities and Exchange Act, such as insider trading, stock price manipulation, and special breach of trust disputes.
Our Teams
The Lee and Li Criminal Special Task Force members are highly knowledgable in criminal laws and practices, and can explain relevant procedures to clients, analyze legal risks, and develop litigation strategies that best serve the interests of clients. For business-related criminal disputes requiring expertise in accounting, technology, engineering, and environmental protection, we have seasoned accountants, technicians, and engineers ready to provide the most comprehensive protection.
Our Expertises
In addition to criminal defense, filing complaints, reporting crimes, and comprehensive protection, the Lee and Li Criminal Special Task Force has years of experience in ethical corporate governance and fraud detection and prevention, as well as corporate criminal risk and crisis management control. When a company suffers a major crisis, such as violation of the law by an employee or theft of trade secrets, we can guide the company in it internal inquiry and taking steps such as filing a criminal complaint or civil lawsuits, or suspending or dismissing the employee.
Scope of Services