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Criminal Dispute Representation and Defense

Lee and Li has dedicated itself to providing a full range of services since its establishment, and the legal services of dispute resolution in investment or business matters are particularly essential. Since the methods of investigation and the enforcement of penalty in criminal cases often cause great damage to life, liberty, property and trade secrets, taking steps to prevent such damage is especially important for enterprises. When criminal cases take place unfortunately, our major mission is to reduce the clients' risk. 

The Lee and Li Criminal Special Task Force corrals lawyers specializing in criminal litigation procedures with extensive knowledge and experience. It was established to devise optimal litigation strategies to protect clients' rights and maximize their interests. To accomplish this objective, we brief clients on the criminal procedure and provide constant updates on the criminal proceedings. Furthermore, we excel in analyzing the legal risks our clients are exposed to in order to guide them toward appropriate decisions. With our abundant experience, we are also able to craft preventive solutions to shield clients from legal exposure in business transactions.
Because the risks in criminal disputes are much higher than in other types of disputes, to people who do not engage in business and commerce but suffer from unlawful infringement committed by others or become a criminal suspect because of their own conduct, seeking a legal team to provide accurate and professional legal services in order to defend themselves in court is necessary.
Our specialties lie in common criminal cases such as fraud and defamation; defamation in unfair competition disputes; and securities and exchange cases arising from commercial transactions like insider trading, share price manipulation, breach of trust, and embezzlement. In addition, we are recognized experts on workplace privacy and financial tunneling.