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Food & Medical

Members of our Medical and Pharmaceutical practice group have been providing long-term assistance to local and foreign pharmaceutical firms and healthcare institutions on matters related to medical care and pharmaceutical products, including drug procurement, drug price investigation, clinical trials, marketing and promotion of drugs, drug registration, patent protection of pharmaceutical products, seizure of counterfeit/forbidden drugs, drug relief, disputes related to medical care, etc. We have also been offering on-going assistance to the local pharmaceutical manufacturers' association in drafting and implementing the code of conduct for the relevant industries and in investigating and dealing with disputes.

Since our clients are mostly multi-national pharmaceutical firms, we have accumulated an abundant of experience in handling matters for multi-national pharmaceutical firms that place much emphasis on ethical rules and standard operation procedures. We understand the needs of our clients and can provide tailored services that meet our clients' needs.

The group members are familiar with relevant laws and regulations and are capable of helping clients to deal with clinical trial agreement-related issues, such as the drafting and reviewing of relevant documents or agreements.

In addition, this practice group has plenty of experience in handling matters related to seizure of counterfeit/forbidden drugs, drug patent protection and generics competition and has frequently help clients to plan relevant strategic actions and implement relevant legal actions.