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Patent Enforcement, Trade Secret Protection and Dispute Resolution

Our Teams
This practice group consists of partners, senior counselors, hundreds of lawyers, patent attorneys, patent agents (including U.S. and CN patent agents), legal specialists, and associates, fluent in English and/or Japanese. More than 90% of the team have a master's degree or higher. In addition to expertise and experience in the fields of mechanics, electronics, electro-optics, medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, software engineering, telecommunications, industrial design, automation, semiconductor or material science, many members of the team also have expertise in law and management.
Our Services
Our team has employed innovative techniques and strategies for proving infringement of method patents, explaining technical issues in court, presenting expert opinions, etc. In addition to handling domestic patent, technology and trade secret matters, we also assist clients with patent enforcement, trade secret protection and dispute resolution in the mainland and abroad. Through our established relationships with top firms overseas, our clients benefit from an established global network of professional resources with experience in legal affairs, dispute resolution and court procedures, to secure the greatest possible protection of interests in countries around the world.
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