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Our Trademark Practice Group provides full-solution services from acquisition, maintenance, dispute resolution to trademark exploitation for clients that want to take full advantage of their trademarks. Our team members assist local and foreign companies in protecting their trademarks not only in Taiwan but also in China, Hong Kong and other territories. Drawing on the close ties with associated firms in Hong Kong and our exclusive collaboration with Lee and Li – Leaven IPR Agency Ltd based in Beijing, China, we excel in providing affordable first-rate services for trademark-related matters in the Greater China area.

At Lee and Li, we value your trademarks as much as we value our own. We stay alert to ensure that clients' rights are well protected. Our automatic services include but are not limited to reporting and advising on possible conflicting trademarks and renewal reminders.

We maintain a long-standing, solid relationship with Taiwan's Intellectual Property Office and are frequently called upon to provide consultation on the developments of the law and practice. We are also the major firm that assists the Intellectual Property Office to prepare English and Japanese translations of trademark-related laws, regulations and guidelines as well as Chinese translations of foreign articles and papers.