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Copyrights Enforcement, Maintenance and Dispute Resolution

Our Experiences
With over 30 members, our Copyright Enforcement, Maintenance and Dispute Resolution Practice Group provides services related to copyright maintenance, exploitation, licensing, registration, and dispute resolution. Working closely with our trademark practice group and patent practice group, we endeavor to provide full solutions to clients.
Our Teams
Our copyright team work closely with our clients on a wide range of copyright matters to develop strategies for their copyright protection, effectively manage risks and address enforcement and litigation of copyright claims when necessary.
With a long-standing, solid relationship with the local intellectual property office, our team regularly participate in public research on legal reforms. In addition, our participation in activities held by various international intellectual property organizations also enables us to keep abreast of the latest legal developments at the international level.
Our Expertises
Our expertise ranges from strategic planning issues to enforcement and litigation matters. We help our clients protect their valuable copyrights before a dispute arises. When necessary, our litigation team litigates intellectual property disputes before courts with extensive courtroom experience.
Scope of Services
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