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Patent Drafting and Global Patent Protection

Our Experiences
Lee and Li have more than 50 years’ experience in handling patent protection procurement and protection matters. In addition to handling patent matters in Taiwan, we also represent clients’ patent matters in other jurisdictions (such as China, USA, Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries). We have had more than 20 years’ experience in handling invention harvesting, patent drafting and global patent protection procurement matters for our clients. Based on extensive experience and resources accumulated for more than 40 years, services provided by us can meet with our clients’ global needs, and the quality of our services are highly recognized by our clients.
Our Teams
Our members include, among others, patent agents and attorneys admitted in Taiwan, China and USA. In addition to Chinese language, all our members are fluent in either English or Japanese and are able to prepare patent drafting projects in such foreign language in accordance with the standards of most major countries. The majority of our members received their masters or doctorate degrees from leading universities in Taiwan and abroad in the technical fields of mechanical engineering, automation equipment, electrical engineering, electro-photonics integration, telecommunications, networks, semiconductors, software, chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutics, biotech, industrial design, etc.
Our Expertises
In addition to patent professional skills, our members fully understand the practical, technical and strategic aspects involved in seeking patent protection. When applying for patent protection and responding to office actions, we can better coordinate and share the global patent procurement resources so as to increase the efficiency when handling global patent matters for our clients. To support our global patent services, our members always dutifully monitoring major changes of patent laws and patent practices of foreign countries, as well as the reported judgments and decisions, so that our PG302 members can discuss those changes with our clients as early as possible with respect to the necessary adjustments of their global patent filing strategies.
Scope of Services