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P.R.C. Practice

In recent years, Taiwanese and foreign companies have been entering into the China market at a rapid pace, making investments and engaging in business operations in China. Likewise, PRC companies are also starting to invest in Taiwan. As a result, the business and trading activities across the strait are growing faster and faster. To meet the strong demands of cross-strait professional services, we have since worked with selected PRC law firms and IPR agencies to establish a joint service platform. We work closely with them with an aim to providing professional services required by the clients in the Great China region. Consequently, we have cemented a collaborative relationship with L&L-Leaven, Attorneys-at-Law ("L&L-Leaven") and Lee and Li – Leaven IPR Agency Ltd. in Beijing ("Leaven IP") to jointly provide quality cross-strait legal consultation and IPR services to our clients.

Through our Great China legal service platform, we have assisted the PRC and Taiwan clients in various cross-strait transactions, including assisting sale of shares of the PRC subsidiaries of Taiwan-listed companies to multinational companies, assisting PRC private equity funds to invest in Taiwan, assisting Taiwanese companies with operations in China to list on the Taiwan stock exchanges, assisting Taiwan-listed companies to establish joint-venture companies in China and handling numerous litigation or arbitration cases in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and elsewhere. Our clients welcome, and have high regard for the effective and efficient functions of our Great China legal service platform, which not only greatly reduces the time, effort and costs for our clients in looking for and engaging competent PRC lawyers in different provinces and cities in China, but also bridges the gap of the delicate differences between China and Taiwan's legal systems. After the implementation of the Cross-Strait Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement ("Investment Protection Agreement"), Lee and Li working closely with our alliance partners will be even more able to effectively handle investment disputes involving Taiwan companies in China by resorting to the dispute resolution mechanisms under the Investment Protection Agreement to better safeguard the interest of Taiwan companies in China.

L&L-Leaven has recently expanded its operations by consolidating with Leaven, Attorneys-at-Law, our previous alliance partner in China. L&L-Leaven is led by Mr. Jonathan Chan, Ms. Phoebe Hsuand, Mr. Sean Lee and Ms. Ariel Chen. After the Taiwan government implemented policies that induced the Taiwan companies in China to list on the Taiwan stock exchanges, L&L-Leaven has been working hand in hand with Lee and Li to advise more than 10 Taiwanese companies with operations in China to successfully list their shares on the Taiwan stock exchanges.

The PRC STF is comprised of more than 100 legal professionals, among which most members have obtained local or foreign masters' degrees or other advanced degrees and have abundant experience in handling cases involving PRC investment in Taiwan and Taiwan investment in China. With our experience, resources, professional knowledge and expertise and foreign language capability, we can provide our clients with services of the highest quality in the Greater China region.