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TMT and Data Privacy

The telecom and media law practice is relatively new in Taiwan, and only a handful of local law firms is capable of dealing with the relevant issues in this practice. During the last few years, we have been actively participating in the liberalization of the Taiwan telecom and media market and have gained extensive experience in the relevant market sectors.

Our firm? practice includes a wide range of endeavors from regulatory aspects to M&As in the industry. We assist clients in obtaining special licenses or permits and advise them in regulatory compliance issues and business operations. Clients are also counseled on antitrust reviews, market competition issues, fair trade practices, contract matters relating to the telecom and media industries.

Some of our most efficacious assistance to our clients is through establishing a more friendly regulatory environment in Taiwan by being constantly involved in the telecom and media regulatory reform process, including policy formulation, bill drafting and participating in legislative formation, as well as advocating for our clients their concerns and requirements to such agencies. In addition, we executed a number of policy research projects for the government in relation to fixed network regulations, 3G mobile network regulations, the establishment of the National Communication Commission and amendments to the relevant laws.

Our clients include the major telecom players in the local market of fixed network operators, mobile operators (both 2G and 3G), wireless broadband service providers (WiMax), Type II operators (such as ISP or iPhone providers), submarine cable operators, and satellite operators. In the media sector, we represent system operators, channel providers and a DTH provider. Recently, we represented a local mobile operator, Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., in the well-known proposed acquisition M&A case with China Mobile.

In the digital convergence era, we continuously strive and devote ourselves to the evolution of the telecom and media practice and adapting to market and industry developments. We are the leading law firm in Taiwan for the telecom and media practice, and as a result of our experience and dedication, we have established an excellent reputation in the local telecom and media community. We are confident that we have the business knowledge and legal expertise to advance our clients' operations and penetrations into the Taiwan telecom and media market.