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Digital, TMT and Data Privacy

Our Experiences
The rapid development of digital technology has had a significant impact on human life in that it has changed the traditional ways of communication and drastically transformed the means in which people absorb information and access news and audio-visual contents. Since the EU's GDPR came into effect, it has brought global attention to personal data and privacy protection. Building on the strong practice in the field of traditional telecommunications and broadcasting, as well as its experience in serving the internet industry, Lee and Li is experienced in dealing cross-border remarkable cases and emerging issues of communication, media, and personal privacy industries under the era of the digital revolution.
Our Teams
In response to the trend of digitalization, Lee and Li integrates the original Telecommunications and Broadcasting Practice Group and the Personal Data Protection Practice Group to launch a new Digital, Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) and Data Privacy Practice Group. The members of this group have strong experiences and governmental or industrial backgrounds in serving TMT industries. We have actively participated in the internet, telecommunication, media, and e-commerce business organizations. Having the deep understanding of policy making and the development of industries, we will provide a full range of legal services and advices to our clients.
Our Expertises
This Digital, TMT and Data Privacy Practice Group will cover telecommunications, broadcasting, internet, domain names, IP addresses, e-commerce, digital government, e-signature, e-payment, online content, OTT, sharing economy, fin-tech, blockchain, platform economy, network governance, artificial intelligence, smart healthcare, technology-assisted investigation, technology-assisted enforcement, information security, digital property rights, personal data protection, privacy protection, big data, online advertising, online marketing, data governance, data rights, and so on, and also provide related services for mergers and acquisitions as well as litigation and dispute resolution in the relevant industries.
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