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Global Trademark and Copyright Protection

Worldwide Portfolio Protection
We, as the Cross-Border Trademark and Copyright Protection and Dispute Resolution Practice Group, aim to assist companies in protecting their worldwide portfolio of trademarks and copyrights. We are well-experienced in the laws and practices of jurisdictions such as China and Southeast Asian countries. Globalization market opportunities have created demand for cross-border protection of intellectual property rights, while diversified laws and practices in different jurisdictions also present challenges in meeting the demand.
Solution-Based Advice
Albeit challenges in handling trademark and copyright matters in cross-border jurisdictions, Lee and Li, based on our deep-seated experience and professionalism, always provides efficient and cost-effective solution for cross-border protection of trademark and copyright by balancing business needs and legal requirements.
Exceptional Experience
We take pride in our exceptional experience and professionalism, based on which we are confident in providing satisfactory services for cross-border protection of trademark and copyright to meet the challenges of global business opportunities. We have been entrusted by many first-tier companies around the world to manage their valuable IP assets in multiple jurisdictions and to handle their wide-ranged IP issues during the cross-border trades.
Scope of Services