About Us

Centering Values and Innovation as Our Focus

Our core values of “we care,”“we serve,” and “we excel”ᅠguideᅠourᅠeveryᅠaction.ᅠWeᅠrecruitᅠseasoned experts and emerging talents, offerᅠcontinuedᅠlegal educationᅠandᅠtraining,ᅠencourageᅠinnovation,ᅠand promoteᅠteamworkᅠacrossᅠdifferentᅠfieldsᅠand disciplines.

ServingᅠClientsᅠwithᅠUnparalleled Experience

Lee and Li has accumulated a wealth of experience since the 1940s. We are the leadingᅠfirmᅠinᅠTaiwanᅠandᅠexcelᅠat crafting customized legal solutions for clients.

Our History

The beginnings of Lee and Li can be traced to Shanghai in the 1940s, where James Lee and Dr. C. N. Li practiced transnational law. In 1953, James Lee opened a firm in Taipei and was joined by Dr. C. N. Li in 1965. Then in 1970, with an eye toward the future and as a nod to its origins, the firm formally changed its name to "Lee and Li." Lee and Li is now the oldest and largest law firm in Taiwan and is highly sought after by clients worldwide for its comprehensive and premium legal services.

  CurrentlyLee and Li has over 50 Partners, over 20 SeniorᅠCounselors,ᅠoverᅠ60ᅠAssociate PartnersᅠandᅠCounselors,ᅠandᅠoverᅠ850 employees.
   2019 Lee and Li’s Taipei Office moved to its current location.
  2015 Lee and Li celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
  2005 Dr. C. V. Chen, Managing Partner, served as the Chairperson and first CEO of the firm, and Mr. Kwan-Tao Li served as the Principal Senior Counselor.
  2004 An initiative was made to streamline Lee and Li’s organizationᅠandᅠmanagement,ᅠwithᅠ19ᅠPartners, 20ᅠSeniorᅠCounselors,ᅠandᅠ560ᅠemployees;ᅠthe Executive Committee was established.
  1999 The Lee and Li Foundation was established.
  1970 Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law was given its official name in Chinese, “理律法律事務所.”
  1965 James Lee and Dr. C. N. Li began their joint practice under the name “Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law.”

Prioritizing Specialization

Ourᅠteamᅠincludesᅠattorneys,ᅠaccountants, patentᅠattorneys,ᅠandᅠotherᅠprofessional personnel. Our specializations cover banking andᅠfinance,ᅠcapitalᅠmarkets,ᅠcorporate mattersᅠandᅠinvestment,ᅠlitigationᅠand disputeᅠresolution,ᅠpatentsᅠandᅠtechnology, trademarks and copyrights. We also have a Japanᅠpracticeᅠdepartmentᅠdedicatedᅠto Japanese clients.

In response to rapid economic and technological developments across the globe, we tirelessly refine and expand our specialties and are always on the cutting edge of the latest industry trends and legal developments.
We have established various practice groups based on our specializations in banking and finance, capital markets, corporate matters and investment, trademarks and copyrights, patents and technology, and litigation and dispute resolution, as well as our Japan Practice Department. Practice groups put the formidable resources of a largeᅠfirm andᅠthe highlyᅠcustomizable services ofᅠaᅠboutique firm at our clients' disposal. We also have special task forces that corral experts from different departments and practice groups to tackle unusual challenges.

Practice Groups

Our Employees:850+


Partners and Senior Counselors



Associate Partners and Counselors


Attorneys Licensed in Taiwan and Overseas


Patent Attorneys / Patent Agents Licensed in Taiwan and Overseas


Accountants Certified in Taiwan and Overseas

We currently employ around 200 attorneys, as well as many patent attorneys, patent agents, and trademark attorneys and over 100 professionals with backgrounds in technology and other fields. Many members of our team hold advanced degrees in law and intellectual property rights from internationally renowned institutions. A number of our colleagues are also certified lawyers or patent agents in the United States and mainland China.

Team of Experts

Transnational and Cross-Strait Services

Our close rapport with prominent international law firms and business consultancies, accounting firms, and financial institutionsᅠallowsᅠusᅠtoᅠswiftlyᅠmobilizeᅠresourcesᅠand expertiseᅠacrossᅠdisparateᅠfields,ᅠandᅠtoᅠdeviseᅠoptimal legal solutions for transnational matters.
WeᅠcollaborateᅠwithᅠL&L-Leaven,ᅠAttorneys-at-Lawᅠin Shanghai and Lee and Li-Leaven IPR Agency Ltd. in Beijing to assist clients in the Greater China region with cross-strait legalᅠmattersᅠandᅠintellectualᅠpropertyᅠrights.ᅠThis cross-strait platform saves our clientsᅠthe trouble of finding lawyers and agents in mainland China and prevents misunderstandingsᅠdueᅠtoᅠdifferencesᅠinᅠTaiwaneseᅠandᅠmainland Chinese legal systems and practices. 

ProvidingᅠServicesᅠforᅠIntellectualᅠProperty Rights

Lee and Li-Leaven IPR Agency Ltd. handles a wideᅠrange of transnational patent matters and boasts a highly experienced team specializing in trademark and copyright issues.

Providing Legal Services for the Banking Sector

L&L-Leavenᅠisᅠtrustedᅠbyᅠmultinationalᅠbanks,ᅠmultinational corporations, and large enterprises because it provides excellent legal services for the banking sector.

Facilitating International Arbitration and Litigation

L&L-Leaven'sᅠlitigationᅠteamᅠhasᅠrepresentedᅠnumerous Taiwanese corporations, as well as Chinese corporations funded by Taiwanese investors, in international arbitration and litigation in mainland China. L&L-Leaven's experience with international arbitration and litigation involving Taiwanese entities consistently reduces client costs.

Serving Taiwanese Businesses in China

InᅠcooperationᅠwithᅠLeeᅠandᅠLi,ᅠL&L-Leaven,ᅠinᅠShanghai represents Taiwanese listed companiesᅠandᅠunderwriters inᅠmainland China. L&L-Leaven provides local services essential to Taiwanese companies investing in mainland China. Taiwanese businesses in China also frequently rely on L&L-Leaven to launch IPOs in Taiwan.