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Our Teams
Our team comprises attorneys and CPAs licensed in Taiwan and several other jurisdictions. Our team members are conversant with tax laws and regulations and have in-depth knowledge in administrative laws, civil laws, accounting, and finance, which is necessary to identify and resolve complex tax issues across different areas. In addition to ordinary tax cases, our team has also handled many complicated cases and well-known cases through the years.
Familiar with Customer Needs and Business
Our team understands our clients' needs, and several of our members have worked at the tax authorities for many years and are very familiar with the tax authority's practices. Our team has extensive experiences in handling tax matters in connection with cross-border investment, business mergers and acquisitions, financial instruments, technology licensing, tax incentive, transfer pricing, tax refund application, preferential tax rate application, asset succession planning, and administrative remedies.
Leading in Industry and International
Our team keeps up with the most advanced development in both domestic taxation and international taxation, and is familiar in handling tax issues embedded in business transactions and asset successions. Our team constantly work with foreign law firms and CPA firms to provide the most optimal tax and legal solution to our clients, and is deeply trusted by our client.
Scope of Services