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Japanese Practice

In order to provide Japanese clients with faster and more professional services and to protect their rights in Taiwan and mainland China, we have set up the Japan Practice Group, which specifically attends to the needs of Japanese individuals and firms in domestic and foreign trademark, patent and general legal matters.

In addition to trademark and patent filings, our Japanese Practice Group handles litigation, legal consultation, intellectual property infringement, restrictive trade practices, and disputes relating to intellectual property and labor. Our team members are literate in Chinese, English and Japanese and familiar with the trade practices in different industries. Also, most of our team members have obtained a master's degree in various disciplines and have considerable experience in legal practice. As a result, we can effectively communicate with our clients and deliver optimum services.

Pushing ourselves to excel, we regularly train our team members on legal and language skills. Our members receive training within and outside Taiwan from time to time. We also keep in touch with clients to understand their needs and update them on the recent legal developments.