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International Trade

Since the 1980's, Taiwanese industry has seen huge growth in production and exportation in the face of stiff competition from other producers in Europe, the USA and other countries through investigations such as anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard investigations for imposing barriers on imports from Taiwan. Lee and Li is one of the first and leading law firms in Taiwan to assist local producers in handling and submitting defenses of these investigations, whereby our services include the analysis of the price and cost, the preparation of the questionnaire response, the assistance in the verification, the submission of arguments to the industrial injury.


The Firm has assisted various industries, including textiles, petrochemicals, steels, papers and electronics, which cover diverse products such as PSF, POY, Cold-rolled Coil, Galvanized Steel, H Bean, PVC, Bicycles, Cement, PET film, PET chips, Chromated Nuts, Screws, Art Paper, Craft Liner Paper, DRAM, SRAM, etc. The total number of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations that the Firm has handled exceeds one hundred, and we have been handling such investigations initiated by the authorities of the EU, the USA, the Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, China, etc., for which the Firm has won several favorable result for the clients. The Firm also represents local industries preparing and applying for trade remedy investigations against imports.


In addition, the Trade Law PG provides consultation on the WTO and Taiwan's trade laws, regulations and policies with respect to import duties, rules of country of origin, import and export restrictions, international investment regulations, and international competition law. The Firm was appointed by exporters as well as government agencies, including the Industry Development Bureau, the Board of Foreign Trade, and the International Trade Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, to help with trade-related issues, polices and disputes.