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Government Contracts

Since 1980, Lee and Li has assisted the Taiwanese government with the procurement of national defense equipment, including warships, fighter planes, and missiles, as well as satellites and other high-tech devices. We are especially experienced with large-scale, long-term, and technologically complex government contracts and public infrastructure cases. To better serve our clients, we have established the Government Contracts Practice Group, bringing together experts from various departments and practices. The specialties of the Government Contracts Practice Group span project planning, bidding management, contract drafting and negotiation, enforcement and management of contract, dispute resolution, and case study. While every member of our Government Contracts Practice Group is a licensed attorney, some are also qualified civil engineers. Consequently, the Government Contracts Practice Group is ably staffed and ready to provide unparalleled legal services.

The firm itself has a strong grasp of the market trends as well as laws and regulations, and has extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of traffic, telecom, national defense, energy, environmental protection, public construction, and government infrastructure procurement. We count among our experience construction of the high speed railway, mass raid transit systems, highways, tunnels, airports, harbors, power plants, waste incinerators, environmental protection infrastructures, leisure facilities, sewerage facilities, satellites, telecom facilities, and national defense facilities.

In the past 20 years, the firm has also worked on Public-Private Partnership projects ("PPP"), such as independent power plants (adopting the "Build-Own-Operate" model, a.k.a. "BOO"), the Taiwan high speed rail (adopting the "Build-Operate-Transfer" model, a.k.a. "BOT"), and waste disposal facilities (BOO or BOT). In recognition of Lee and Li's commitment to private participation in infrastructure projects, the Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan honored Lee and Li with the inaugural outstanding consultant award in the fifth Eminent Contribution Awards (Jin Bo Awards).

In addition, the firm has assisted the government in developing laws and regulations governing the PPP, including drafting the White Paper for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects, the Bill for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects and its Enforcement Rules, and the various related regulations and model contracts. Lee and Li was also entrusted by the Council for Economic Planning and Development to conduct various research for PPP. Lee and Li is committed to introducing foreign PPP mechanisms into Taiwan and has greatly contributed to the establishment of government contract laws and regulations.

Lee and Li has handled hundreds of cases in government contract consultation, litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Standing on such robust foundation, the Government Contracts Practice Group is more than competent to provide comprehensive, efficient and specialized legal services in bidding management, contract drafting and negotiation, as well as enforcement and management of contract.