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Patent Search, Patent Validity and Infringement Assessment

This practice group consists of a number of partners and senior consultants, and more than a hundred lawyers, patent attorneys, patent agents (including U.S. and CN patent agents), legal specialists, and legal assistants, about 80% of whom have a master's degree or higher and are fluent in English and/or Japanese. Members of this practice group have professional experience in the fields of mechanics, electronics, electro-optics, medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, software engineering, telecommunications, industrial design, automation, semiconductor, and material science to complement their expertise in law.

The practice group provides services including patent search, patent validity assessment and patent infringement assessment. Through such assessments, the robustness and defects of the patent(s) concerned can be evaluated in advance, thereby increasing the chances of success. Also, outcomes are maximized by designation of teams with expertise particularly suited to the case.

In the past twenty years, we have handled many famous and important patent suits in Taiwan. In proving patent infringement and patent validity, our members have employed innovative techniques and strategies in, for instance, proving infringement of method patents, explaining technical issues in court, applying expert opinions, etc.

We have also helped local clients in patent enforcement and dispute resolution matters as they entered foreign markets. We have a platform to coordinate the work done by local and foreign personnel, thus ensuring efficiency while securing the greatest protection for clients' interests in different countries.