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Recognized as one of the best local law firms in this practice area, we advise both local and international clients on a wide range of labor issues including general labor law and labor relations; employment contracts and confidentiality and intellectual property agreements; work rules and employee handbooks; transfer and deployment of employees in the event of corporate mergers and acquisitions; assignment of employees between affiliated companies; atypical labor relations (e.g., dispatched, outsourced, and part-time workers); employment of expatriates, layoff and dismissal of employees; labor health and safety and occupational hazard compensation; gender equality in employment and anti-sexual harassment at workplace; compensation and benefits, incentive, profit-sharing and stock options plans; labor unions and collective bargaining agreements; labor disputes.

We frequently represent clients in negotiations, mediation and litigation with employees and unions.

In view of the sensitive nature of labor issues and disputes, we take into consideration the clients' ongoing operations, reputation and employee morale to secure the best outcome for the clients.