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Civil Dispute Resolution

Evolving changes in the global economy have not only increased the complexity and diversity in trade and commerce but have also led to novel types of disputes. Our Civil Dispute Resolution Practice Group has extensive knowledge and experience in providing creative and tailor-made resolutions for each dispute, from the traditional means of litigation to the alternative means of mediation, arbitration and constitutional interpretation. In addition to devising problem-oriented corrective solutions, we also offer preventive solutions to clients in order to avoid any unnecessary disputes.

Many of our team members have different academic backgrounds. Besides legal knowledge, some also hold technical and accounting qualifications allowing us to effectively represent clients in disputes concerning a wide array of areas from equity, corporate operations, mergers and acquisitions, personal property, international trade, admiralty, aviation, product liability, consumer relations, and fair trade, to government procurement contract, constructions projects, and environmental protection.

In addition to Taiwan, some of our lawyers are also admitted in foreign jurisdictions such as California and New York. We also work with domestic and foreign law firms to manage and coordinate multi-jurisdictional actions so as to secure the best outcomes for clients.