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Capital Markets

Our Experiences
Lee and Li has the largest practice group that specializes in capital market, securities and privatization in Taiwan. Our practice covers initial public offering, overseas securities offer such as Global Depository Receipts and Euro–convertible Bonds, offering of foreign currency–denominated bonds (including so–called "Formosa Bonds"). We also assist our clients in establishing local securities firms, securities investment consulting enterprises and securities investment trust enterprises. All our team members possess professional knowledge and skills and offer legal services that address the evolving needs of our clients.
Our Teams
Licensed Lawyers: Approximately sixty
Practice Experience over 20 years: Over a dozen
Practice Experience over 10 years: Over a dozen
Practice Experience over 5 years: Over ten
All legal professionals possess law degrees in Taiwan or foreign countries
In addition to Taiwan Bar license, some admitted to Chinese Bar, New York Bar, and California Bar
Our Expertises
We have represented clients in many landmark cases including the first issuance of American depositary receipts and Euro convertible bonds by Taiwanese companies, the first asset–backed securitization of residential mortgage loans, the first cross–border securitization of cash card and auto–loan receivables, pioneer Renminbi bond issuance by PRC financial institutions in Taiwan, first foreign sovereign bond issuance in Taiwan and the privatizations of Chunghwa Telecom and China Steel, just to name a few. Also, we represent most of the Formosa Bonds issuances in Taiwan.
Scope of Services
Awards and Honors
Milestone Cases