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Family Heritage Plan and Family Affairs

It has always been the primary aim of family business leaders and members to achieve succession and handover properly and comprehensively. The process of bringing about family succession involves both business-related matters (the public sphere) and private family matters (the private sphere), which should be carefully handled in a well-rounded manner.


By itself, family business succession is already a complex issue as it involves a wide range of subject areas. In the age of globalization, family businesses often have to take their transnational asset portfolios and even the issue of dual nationality into consideration. This further adds to the complexity of family business succession planning, as the application of various laws in each country in tandem of one another further complicates matters.


Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law has had extensive experience in the area of family business succession, an expertise that requires an exceptional grasp of legal knowledge across multiple laws. Lee and Li is especially well versed in handling multinational cases, as it taps into the diverse skills of a professional team consisting of litigators, commercial lawyers, accountants and tax attorneys, to assist both corporate and individual clients in planning for family business succession, and preventing and resolving disputes. We mean to offer our all-around expertise in this specialized field.。


Family business:

Lee and Li has long provided prestigious companies with legal services on planning and dispute resolution related to the fields of domestic and international stock rights and trust planning. In addition, it offers consultation on various instruments for planning, such as a close company, foundation, and public trust.


Private family property:

We offer consultation on and assistance with such family matters as prenuptial agreement, divorce agreement, distribution of the remainder of the property in a marital property regime, adoption of a child born out of wedlock, guardianship over adults or minors, will and inheritance, and partition of the deceased’s property. For many years we have assisted high-profile families in making plans for their domestic and foreign properties and tax matters, and the dispute prevention of and planning for property distribution before death, assignment and trusteeship. We provide our clients with suggestions on how to prevent disputes relating to insurance, real estate, high-value personal property, and registration under another name.


We have had ample experience in handling cases involving inheritance by foreigners. Our overseas clients have long turned to us for legal advice requiring knowledge of transnational laws, such as domestic and foreign inheritance planning, estate tax filing, inheritance registration, receipt of bank deposits, acquisition of property ownership rights, and issues surrounding marriage, parent-child relationship and dual nationality. We also assist clients with the sale of inheritance property. Depending on the situation, the client may be able to take advantage of our customized services without having to visit us in person.


At Lee and Li, we first approach our client’s demands from the angle of prevention planning. If the client wishes to initiate a lawsuit, we stand ready to assist in resolving disputes on the basis of our extensive litigation experience home and abroad. In addition to offering our services to individual clients, we work with a number of leading financial institutions and corporations on projects centered on family business succession planning to advocate sustainability of family business succession.