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Family Heritage Plan and Family Affairs

Our Experiences
Family business succession involves layers of complex, interlocking issues, and globalization makes multiple citizenship and cross-border asset portfolios common, which further complicates the legal relationships and consequences. The professionals in our Family Law Practice Group are experienced and understanding. We excel at intuiting our clients’ needs, crafting the optimal strategy to meet them, and guiding clients through the legal labyrinth. We bring reassurance to what is often a tense and sensitive time for our clients.
Our Teams
At our clients’ disposal are seasoned litigators, transaction attorneys, tax attorneys, accountants, and family trust-planning consultants. We have honed our ability to provide one-stop solution for local and overseas clients through years of working on transnational cases.
Our Expertises
We believe in family matters, dispute prevention should be prioritized to protect the clients’ interests. Where disputes cannot be averted or the clients wish to initiate lawsuits, we are able to act swiftly and decisively with our considerable litigation experience. We also work closely with a number of leading financial institutions and corporations on succession planning to facilitate sustainable family business operations.
Scope of Services