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Civil and Administrative Enforcement

In addition to having a Civil and Administration Litigation Special Task Force to handle civil and administration disputes, Lee & Li also has a Compulsory Execution Special Task Force to deal with execution proceeding issues to enable our clients to protect and realize their rights and interests.

In respect of the execution on the diversity of assets, the Lee & Li Compulsory Execution Special Task Force not only deals with the attachment and auction of traditional tangible assets, but also covers rare and intangible objects, such as golf courses, aircrafts, vessels, negotiable certificates of deposit, shares, patents and trademarks.  The attachment and auction of these assets are not typical and therefore may be  challenging to deal with by the courts.  From the point of view of our clients, the result of the execution of such assets is a matter of satisfying and upholding their legal rights and interests which cannot be ignored.

In addition to the execution of final judgments aforementioned, our Compulsory Execution Special Task Force also handles prejudgment executions, such as provisional attachments, temporary injunctions and pre-final judgment executions.  Such applications and execution proceedings help to ensure that our clients' interests and rights may be protected after they have obtained a final and favorable judgment/ruling from the courts.