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Cross-Border Litigation

As globalization gathers pace, cross-border business and commerce are becoming increasingly more prevalent in today's business activities. Therefore, legal disputes arising from cross-border trade are far more complicated than those in Taiwan. They involve not only substantive laws of the relevant countries, but also issues such as jurisdiction, applicable laws, legal procedures, validity of foreign judgments, mutual recognition of judgments, and operations of foreign administrative and judiciary authorities.

The Lee and Li Cross-Border Litigation team specializes in cross-border legal disputes and is a recognized leader in the field. Many lawyers on the team are admitted in New York and California. Therefore, we can provide comprehensive and timely professional services to clients, whether local or foreign, in transnational disputes. Our services include crafting strategies to resolve conflicts, analyzing issues where it is needed in cross-border litigation, consulting experts, handling legal documents and the evidence-taking procedure, helping clients communicate with foreign lawyers, and undertaking the dispute resolution procedure. Furthermore, because of our abundant experience in practicing R.O.C. law, we are highly qualified to provide accurate analysis and evaluation of issues involving R.O.C. laws to help foreign clients plot their course of action.