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Personal Data Protection

Lee and Li has been committed to assisting foreign and domestic clients with personal data protection matters since the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Act (the “Act”) was enacted in 1995.  We have been raising awareness of this subject by holding seminars and attending international conferences since then.
In 2010, the Act was significantly amended, and the amendments are expected to take effect on October 1, 2012.  Once enacted, the Act will apply to all companies and individuals.  In anticipation, we have been advising corporate clients on their compliance policies to ensure a seamless transition and to avoid any potential violations.  We have also been invited by institutions, corporations, and government agencies to give lectures on personal data protection.  We  collected opinions from the field and provided them as well as our own to the government for its consideration in shaping the enforcement rules and drafting further amendments to the Act.  In international conferences, we engaged in discussions on global personal data protection matters with our peers and share our knowledge and experience from a Taiwanese perspective.  Our active, constant engagement with the government, industries, and the international legal community makes us the optimal choice for clients seeking comprehensive legal protection, especially in light of the forthcoming changes in  personal data laws.
Helping clients navigate safely in the ever-changing business and legal environments is our forte and our priority.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and requisite experience to deal with the changes and challenges brought on by the latest amendments to the Act and to guide our clients around legal pitfalls and neutralize potential disputes.