Commitments towards Pro Bono Work

Lee and Li grew as Taiwan's economy ascended. In addition to providing legal services, Lee and Li is also committed to various public interest causes. Our unwavering commitment to pro bono services is driven by passion and compassion. We hope we are making a lasting difference in our society.

Legal Aid

As part of our protection of people's rights, our attorneys actively volunteer for the legal aid services offered by the Bar Association and the Legal Aid Foundation, giving people without sufficient means proper legal protection.

Social Responsibility

To improve society and create a safe and secure living environment, Lee and Li is committed to spreading legal concepts and knowledge in order to actively participate in legal education and promotion of knowledge. We strive to promote respect for laws and rights and compliance with morals and social order, so that legal values are a part of our daily lives.

Improving the Legal System

The law governs the behavior of society members and also serves to maintain social order. To reflect the current values of society, morals and ethics, the law must evolve with the times. As our considerable professional experience spans domestic and international cases, we are often invited by governmental agencies to help draft or amend legislation.

Human Rights Protection

To defend the universal values of human rights and observe the R.O.C. Constitution and international laws, we advocate human rights education and support human rights protection, and have proudly fought in landmark human rights cases on behalf of clients and taken on follow-up work on a pro bono basis.