Areas of Practice

Lee and Li is a full-service law firm and understands the need to diversify and specialize. In response to the rapid developments in trade and technology and to satisfy the needs of our clients, we are constantly refining and expanding our practice areas. Over the decades, we have built one of the largest intellectual property right practices in Taiwan, and have been involved in the phenomenal growth of foreign direct investment since 1970s. We were a pioneer in developing banking and capital market practice in the 1980s, and played a pivotal role in the formation of technology law practice in the 1990s. We are also active in public construction, government procurement and merger and acquisition. We stay relevant by staying current on the latest developments in every industry and apply our legal skills to help clients achieve their business goals.


Constant improvement, teamwork and specialization enable us to provide quality services. We restructured our resources and formed practice groups, which span the six departments of the firm, i.e., banking and capital markets, corporate and investment, trademark and copyright, patent and technology, litigation and ADR and Japan practice. Our professionals are placed in the groups in accordance with their expertise and interests (please log on to our website for further details). We believe that the practice groups match the clients with the appropriate specialists and ensure both efficiency and specialization.


In addition to the vertical integration achieved through practice groups, we also formed cross-department, cross-specialty special task forces ("STF") dealing with mainland Chinese and Japanese markets and dispute prevention and settlement (i.e., P.R.C. Practice STF and Dispute Resolution STF). We integrated resources horizontally to further enhance the quality of our service.


Our services are performed by over 100 lawyers admitted in Taiwan, patent agents, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, more than 100 technology experts, and specialists in other fields. In order to provide services related to law or intellectual property right issues, most of our professionals have degrees in law, technology and/or business management in Taiwan or from abroad. Many of our colleagues are licensed to practice law in the United States, and some have also passed the bar exam in the People's Republic of China or are licensed patent attorneys in the United States and the People's Republic of China.