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【IRPMA ╳ Lee and Li】 "Framework for Digital Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry" Webinar

The IRPMA on April 24 hosted a webinar for IRPMA members on the legal framework for pharma digital marketing, with keynote speeches by three lawyers specializing in pharmaceutical industry practice from Lee and Li: Jill Niu, Katherine Juang (both partners of this firm) and Yuting Su. The purpose of this webinar is to enhance the legal knowledge of IRPMA members by interpreting the legal framework and legal risks of pharma digital marketing.
Following the opening address by Joyce Li (the chairperson of IRPMA), Jill Niu provided an introduction to the environmental issues and relevant court decisions that pharma marketing may face today. Katherine Juang provided essential legal insights into the various types of digital marketing. Finally, three lawyers, senior legal consultant (Gilead) Claire Hong and Legal Director (GSK) CK Lin led case studies and shared views and practical experiences. At the end of the webinar, the organizer collected feedback from post-webinar participant survey for references for members. Lee and Li appreciates this opportunity to co-sponsor and lead the webinar hosted by IRPMA, delivering a true digital experience. Lee and Li looks forward to continually working with IRPMA to provide IRPMA members with up-to-date legal knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.

Photo from: 【IRPMA ╳ Lee and Li】 "Framework for Digital Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry" Webinar