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MOEA Announced Relief and Revitalization Measures for Enterprises Impacted by COVID-19

In an effort to mitigate the economic impact brought by the coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has developed relief programs for the manufacturing and service sectors and has promulgated the "Regulations for the MOEA Relief and Revitalization Measures for Industries and Enterprises Suffering Operational Difficulties due to COVID-19" (the "Regulations ") on March 12, 2020. Amendments to the Measures were made on April 20 to expand the scope of subsidies, including adding wage subsidies for impacted enterprises.
The Regulations is applicable to the manufacturing and service sectors or other enterprises designated by the MOEA. With certain criteria met, enterprises will be entitled to subsidies for employee wages ("Salary Subsidy") and operating fund ("Operating Fund Subsidy"), available for application at the same time by July 31. Specific measures and qualifications are as follows:
I. Salary Subsidy
1.     Eligible applicants: impacted enterprises
The impacted enterprises as referred to in the Regulations shall meet the two criteriabelow:
(1)   Enterprises have completed corporate registration, commercial registration or limited partnership registration, or have completed taxation registration; or small-sized businesses exempted from registration in accordance with Article 5 of the Business Registration Act.
(2)   Enterprises have recorded up to a 50% decline in the average turnover of any consecutive two months or the turnover of any given month since January 2020 in comparison with any given month in 2020; the monthly average of the second half of 2019 or the same periods in 2019/2018; or other periods deemed comparable by the competent authorities with certification from the competent authorities or the organizations or financial institutions commissioned or entrusted by the competent authorities.
2.         Conditions:
(1)   During the period when subsidies are granted, subsidized enterprises may not engage in acts that will dampen employees' interest, such as reducing working hours/wages or laying off employees.  Nor shall such enterprises be dissolved, closed or found to engage in other activities otherwise announced by the competent authorities. Upon discovery of such acts or activities, the competent authorities may revoke or annul the subsidies and recover all or part of the payments made.
(2)   The subsidized enterprises may not receive Salary Subsidy or Operating Fund Subsidy from other government institutions at the same time.
3.         Details of subsidies:
(1)   Quota: 40% of the regular earnings of each employee. Monthly maximum for each employee is NT$20,000.
(2)   Duration: Between April and June of 2020. The maximum duration is three months.
II. Operating Fund Subsidy
1.       Eligible applicants: impacted enterprises
The same as defined in Salary Subsidy.
2.       Conditions:
The same as for the Salary Subsidy.
3.       Details of subsidies:
      The quota of the subsidy shall be calculated by multiplying the number of employees of the impacted enterprise by NT$10,000 and paid as a lump sum.