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LEE & LI Bulletin - December 2019


Recent Developments of Taiwan’s and China’s Environmental Protection Laws and Advice for Enterprises

In the past years, environmental protection issues have attracted attention from people around the world. Both Taiwan and China have spared no effort to ensure protection of the environment, and amended environmental protection laws to set stricter emissions standards and impose more legal liabilities on violators. Moreover, both sides’ government agencies overseeing environmental protection are enforcing the law more aggressively. Under such circumstances, enterprises must be more diligent in observing environmental protection laws to decrease their operational risks. In this article, we will discuss key developments of amendments to environmental protection laws and enforcement of such laws made by Taiwan and China in recent years. We will also share our experience in providing legal services regarding compliance with environment-, safety- and health-related laws in the past years and give suggestions for corporate compliance with environmental protection laws. ... More


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