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03/20/2017 Judicial Yuan and IP Court forum consensus on IP issues 蔡瑞森 ILO IP Newsletter (20170320) 
03/19/2017 陸外匯管制新政 對台商的衝擊 徐雪舫
旺報 1060319 
03/13/2017 Can fair use protect from infringement of right of paternity? 沈宗原 ILO IP Newsletter (20170313) 
03/06/2017 How can a work by an unknown author be used? 簡秀如
ILO IP Newsletter (20170306) 
02/27/2017 Declaratory judgment on noninfringement: another choice for an alleged infringer 簡秀如 ILO IP Newsletter (20170227) 
02/26/2017 境外投資人股權轉讓注意事項 徐雪舫
旺報 1060226 
02/20/2017 E-filing system for IP-related administrative litigation 莊郁沁 ILO IP Newsletter (20170220) 
02/13/2017 Court rules on defence of prior trademark use in good faith 蔡瑞森 ILO IP Newsletter (20170213) 
02/06/2017 Post-grant amendment of utility model patents 陳初梅 ILO IP Newsletter (20170206) 
02/06/2017 商品製造の前段階における商標使用は商標法によって規制される商標使用ではない 蔡瑞森 LEE & LI Bulletin - February 2017 
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