The history of Lee and Li can be traced back to the 1940s. Mr. James Lee, one of the two founders, began his practice with two U.S. attorneys during that period in Shanghai. The other founding partner, Dr. C. N. Li, also practiced in Shanghai at that time. Both of them specialized in transnational legal matters.

Mr. James Lee established his own firm in Taipei in 1953 and was later joined by Dr. C. N. Li in 1965, henceforth laying the foundations of Lee and Li. Mr. James Lee passed away in 1970. Subsequently, with an eye toward sustainable operations, Dr. C. N. Li renamed the firm Lee and Li. The firm had around 30 employees at that time and focused mostly on transnational legal matters and intellectual property right issues.

In 2015, Lee and Li enters its 50th year as the largest law firm in Taiwan owing to the solid foundation laid at the beginning. The firm is known for expertise in all legal fields and offers a full range of services. We have been steadfast in our commitment to the quality of services to clients and the country. To sustain its tradition of excellence and build on the competitive edge for which the firm is renowned, in 2004, an initiative was made to streamline the firm's organization and management. On January 1, 2005, Dr. C. V. Chen was elected the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Kwan-Tao Li was elected the Chief Senior Counselor. In 2008, Dr. C. V. Chen continued to serve as the Chairman and Nigel N. T. Li was elected the Chief Executive Officer. Kwan-Tao Li retired on January 1, 2009 and was appointed the Chief Of Counsel. The number of Lee and Li's staff has increased since then. With expertise covering all professional areas and building on the foundations laid down over decades, the firm has been steadfast in its commitment to provide quality services to clients and the country.