Roger Chang



Roger has extensive experience in intellectual property infringement litigation, licensing, strategy planning, and antitrust and competition regulation advice.

Roger is active in trademark, copyright, and patent litigation for various industries. In 2019, represented by Roger, AVIS was awarded 3 million USD by the Intellectual Property Court in a trademark infringement case. In 2019, Entegris was awarded 32 million USD in a patent infringement case. In 2017, Philips was awarded 35 million USD in a patent infringement suit. In 2013, Philips was awarded 10 million USD in a patent case. In 2011, ESI, a NASDAQ-listed company based in Oregon, was awarded 24 million USD in a patent infringement suit. In 2010, another case represented by Roger, Philips was awarded 68 million USD for patent infringement damages. In 2009, the Intellectual Property Court awarded Philips 75 million USD as royalty of patent licensing. In 2007, in a landmark case that he participated in, the Taipei District Court awarded Celanese 68 million USD as damages for patent infringement.

Known for his in-depth understanding of complex matters involving intellectual property and ability to provide innovative and constructive solutions, Roger is regularly invited to speak at seminars and workshops and publish articles on intellectual property and antitrust laws. Roger has also assisted Taiwanese government agencies in amendments to intellectual property and competition-related laws and regulations.


    University of Illinois (LL.M., 2005)
    National Taipei University Law School (LL.M., 1998)
    National Taipei University Law School (LL.B., 1995)


    Intellectual Property Litigation and Licensing,Antitrust and Competition,


    Secretary General to the Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association
    Adjunct assistant professor in Intellectual Property, National Taipei University Law School
    Arbitrator, the Arbitration Association of Republic of China


    admitted 1997, Attorney; 1997, Patent Agent; 2009, Patent Attorney, R.O.C. (Taiwan)
    Taipei Bar Association
    Taoyuan Bar Association.
    Hsinchu Bar Association


    電話:+886-2-2763-8000 Ext.2177