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Our Gratitude and Visions
    Lee and Li's 50th Anniversary - Doing Well by Doing Good
    Dear Colleagues and Friends:
    This year, 2015, marks the 50th anniversary of Lee and Li. With the participation and blessings of all our colleagues, clients, retired colleagues, and friends, as well as the public, we reflected on what we accomplished in our first 50 years, and set out visions for the future. We especially like to thank all our colleagues, clients and friends, as well as the public for their longtime support and trust in Lee and Li. As we cross the threshold into the next 50, all of us are fully aware of the weight of the proud heritage and responsibility we carry. In addition to unmatched professional services, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to public interest.
    Lee and Li 50th Anniversary Celebrations
    In the spirit of celebration, we hosted a number of events in 2015, starting with the year-end party on February 6, 2015. On May 23, 2015, all our staff and their family members, retired coworkers and friends gathered in the NTU Complex Arena for the Lee and Li Family Day, and on that day Lee and Li donated eight cars bought with the donations of the entire staff to three social-welfare institutions. Then from September to October 2015, we held a series of eight seminars. In the first seminar, "Opening vs. Protectionism - Taiwan Industrial Policy and Survival Strategy," former Vice President Vincent C. Siew, Chairman of TSMC Morris Chang, Chairman of the Far Eastern Group Douglas Hsu, Vice Chairman of Chia Hsin Cement Corporation Nelson An-Ping Chang and Chairman of Commonwealth Publishing Group Charles H.C. Kao shared their experience. Experts from different fields, government agencies, academia, courts and business were invited to the subsequent seminars to speak on public law, intellectual property rights, investment, banking and tax laws. Each seminar sparked enthusiastic discussion, producing many valuable ideas. In the seminar "Prosperity Guided by Morality-Corporate Social Responsibility," held on September 25, 2015, Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Delta Group Bruce Cheng; Chairman of Nan Shan Life Insurance Company, Ltd. Y.T. Du; President of Taipei Medical University Yun Yen; Chief Operating Officer of the ASE Group Tien Wu; and Chairman of Lee and Li C.V. Chen discoursed on corporate social responsibility and self-expectations. Over a period of one month, 80 experts took part and spoke, and approximately 1,500 attended. Equally valuable were the important issues that were identified but not explored owing to the lack of time, because they could hold the key to improving Taiwan's legal system.
    Lee and Li Family Day
    Lee and Li 50th Anniversary Symposia
    Lee and Li 50th Anniversary Retrospective
    Lee and Li's growth over the past five decades is closely tied to the development of trade and the rule of law in Taiwan. To memorialize each milestone reached during our first 50 years, we compiled the booklet Lee and Li 50 – Milestones, and published the book Lee and Li, Taiwan, 50 in October 2015. This book represents the culmination of the meticulous research and interviews with dozens of current and retired colleagues that Lo Chih-chiang conducted. "Lee and Li, from Strength to Strength. Taiwan, from Rags to Riches," the title of the book's preface, neatly encapsulates Lee and Li's and Taiwan's intertwined destinies.
    Our Gratitude
    On the evening of December 25, 2015, Lee and Li's present and former colleagues converged at the 2015 Lee and Li 50 year-end party. On behalf of our entire staff, once again, we would like to express our gratitude to our clients, friends and all our colleagues who have stood by Lee and Li. We will continue to live by our core values of "We Care, We Serve and We Excel" in providing quality legal services, training tomorrow's legal professionals, and sharing experience, and play a leading role in public interest activities to contribute to society, the country and the world.
    Our Visions
    In 2016, Lee and Li will embark on the next segment of its journey. We will ceaselessly push ourselves to excel and draw strength from our clients' and friends' support and advice. Striving for sustainable operations is our way of saying thanks for all the encouragement we have received!
C. V. Chen Nigel N. T. Li
Chairman and Senior Partner Partner / CEO
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