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Our Gratitude and Blessings
     Lee and Li's 50th Anniversary
    —Doing Well by Doing Good 
    Dear Colleagues and Friends:
      As 2014 draws to a close, we look back on the year and all the previous years. We see how Lee and Li has steadily evolved and grown because of everyone's commitment. This ceaseless cycle of growth is exactly how the firm propels itself forward.
      The birth of Lee and Li can be traced to Shanghai, when 50 years ago, Mr. James Lee and Dr. C. N. Li decided to start their own practice. The two founders were among the pioneers who introduced market mechanism to the Republic of China. Dr. Li was originally the Director General of the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. After leaving the government appointment, he was able to see the policies he helped to shape from the perspective of the private sector, and not a policymaker.
      Since its inception, Lee and Li has gradually risen to become the premier law firm in the Chinese-speaking world. We have witnessed every reform of the financial laws and regulations of the Republic of China. It is no exaggeration to say the history of Lee and Li can be read as a condensed chronicle of Taiwan's legal system.
      After Mr. James Lee passed away in 1970, with an eye toward sustainable operations, Dr. C. N. Li renamed the firm Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law. The firm had around 30 employees at that time and focused mostly on transnational legal matters and intellectual property right issues. Standing on the foundation laid by our predecessors, today, with more than 700 employees, Lee and Li is the largest law firm in Taiwan. Our core values are "We Care, We Serve, and We Excel." We bring together skilled professionals, encourage experience-sharing, prize innovation, and value team work, which we believe are the key to our continuing success.
      Our professionalism and achievements have long been recognized and relied on by our clients in Taiwan and abroad, many of whom have been with us for decades. We treasure the renown we enjoy among local and international clients for the quality of our work and have won the best law firm honor many times. And we have time and again been named Pro Bono Firm for our dedication to the public interest.
      To provide transnational legal services, Lee and Li has forged long-term ties with preeminent law firms in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Reacting to our clients' needs for legal services in the Greater China region, in 2003, we formed a strategic alliance with Lee and Li-Leaven IPR Agency Ltd. in Beijing and L&L-Leaven, Attorneys-at-Law in Shanghai. Furthermore, realizing the importance of legal education on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Lee and Li has worked assiduously to promote it. Besides lecturing in Taiwan, our colleagues are regularly invited to lecture on financial legal issues and business management at universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. The Lee and Li Foundation, which was created with donations from Lee and Li, has been actively involved in the advancement of legal education since its inception in 1999, including founding the Lee and Li Classroom and the Lee and Li Collegiate Moot Court Competition in Taiwan and China, and establishing the Lee and Li Foundation Fund for the Public Interest at Harvard Law School. Our commitment to professional services, public interest, and cross-strait academic exchange has been lauded by the public.
      Lee and Li has been able to thrive owing to Taiwan's phenomenal economic ascent. Therefore, it is also committed to various public interest causes in Taiwan. Our unwavering dedication to pro bono services is motivated by passion and compassion. Social responsibility and long-term commitment to society are integral to Lee and Li's culture.
      In the last 50 years, again and again we surmounted challenges and endured tribulations to emerge revitalized. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the firm, we would like to express our profound gratitude for the trust and support from our clients and society. The persistent pursuit of excellence by our current and former colleagues is also the reason Lee and Li is able to turn a robust 50.
      What is Lee and Li's vision for the future? We would like to encourage our colleagues to contemplate this question as we head into the next 50 years and beyond. Are we just an assemblage of successful lawyers, patent attorneys, engineers and accountants? Clearly, aside from providing legal services, there must be more important values and vision binding us together to sustain us through any storm.
      So what is Lee and Li's vision? While pondering this, we would like to share what we at Lee and Li expect of ourselves, which should coincide with our clients' expectations: "Let not our profession be our master, but let us be the master of our profession. Our lives should not be spent exploiting our professional skills to pursue fame or fortune; it should be spent on a constant dialogue with our conscience." The paths to self-fulfillment are infinite, but let us choose a path that allows application of our services toward the common good of humankind as well as self-realization.
      At Lee and Li, provision of professional services is not just an occupation; it is a calling. "Doing Well by Doing Good" is the overarching vision that sustains us as we head toward our 50th anniversary and beyond. It is also why we have congregated here. May we all strive to realize this vision!
C. V. Chen Nigel N. T. Li
Chairman and Senior Partner Partner / CEO
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