Yung-Cheng Hsieh


Mr. Hsieh is a counselor at Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law. His technical experience is concentrated in the areas of Semiconductor fabrication, IC Packaging and Testing technology, Display Panel fabrication, MEMS technology, Touch Technology, and Optoelectronic Device. He has drafted or overseen the drafting of more than 1,000 international patent applications in Taiwan, China, the European Union, the United States, Japan and Korea, and with the WIPO under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Mr. Hsieh has assisted many multinational high-tech companies including Nanya Technology Corp., MOLEX LLC, Microelectronics Technology Inc., and STAR Technologies, Inc. with consistent success.

Mr. Hsieh also has extensive experience in patent invalidation and litigation, and has provided professional services to a broad range of international companies for years with remarkable success.



    電話:+886-3-579-9911 Ext.3268