Kevin Liu


Chang-Ping is a senior associate at Lee and Li who specializes in constitutional and administrative litigation. He is known for his extensive experience in administrative litigation and dedication and is sought after by clients from industries spanning satellite television, terrestrial television, cable television, telecommunications, banks, insurance, medical services, air transportation, logistics, and energy.


Some of the more-recent significant administrative litigation cases that Chang-Ping has handled include the merger and acquisition among China Television, China Times, and CTI Television; Want-Chung's merger and acquisition; the administrative sanctions the Bureau of National Health Insurance imposed on Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital; the dispute over air pollution control fees between Nan Ya Plastic Corporation and Environmental Protection Agency; the soil and groundwater pollution on the grounds of Radio Corporation of America's plants; the dispute over the Mei-Li-Wan Resorts environmental assessment; the cartel among dairy companies; and the  cartel among independent power plant operators.


Recognized for his expertise and insight into public law issues, Chang-Ping is a frequent contributor to major newspapers and journals and speaker at various forums.


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