J. C. Tsao


1981, Mr. Tsao graduated from the Applied Chemistry Department of Tamkang University in Taiwan, and further studied IP law in Franklin Pierce Law Center in the U. S. A. He had been the engineer in a chemical & pharmaceutical company and then joined Lee and Li in IP service since 1984. He has been assisting multi-international companies with respect to drafting of patent applications, global patent filings, patent prosecution, appeals, administrative suit, patent invalidation actions, patent disputes, and assessments in aspects of chemical, medical, polymeric, material science and chemical engineering technologies. Mr. Tsao had been assigned to our alliance firm and office in Beijing and Shanghai, China to manage our China Patent Services and control quality. Mr. Tsao is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English.


    Applied Chemistry Department of Tamkang University (1981)
    Franklin Pierce Law Center, IPSI, APLI (1997)


    Chemistry,Pharmacy,Material science,Polymer,Chemical engineering,Organic synthesis,Petrochemical engineering


    China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Company, engineer


    電話:+886-2-2763-8000 Ext.2327