Our Tax Practice Group provides a full range of tax services including assistance with tax dispute resolution, general tax consultancy, tax consultancy on mergers and acquisitions, preferential tax rate applications, and transfer pricing. Our services have earned many clients' confidence and trust. We were named the Taiwan Tax Firm of the Year by International Tax Review for 2006 and 2007. We were also voted the leading tax firm in Taiwan in the Tax Directors Handbook 2009. Our team comprises lawyers and CPAs licensed in Taiwan and several overseas jurisdictions. They are conversant with tax laws and regulations and boast in-depth knowledge necessary to identify and resolve complex tax issues in a wide range of areas, from administrative law to civil law to accounting and public finance. Furthermore, our tax specialists are highly experienced in handling tax matters in connection with international investment, mergers and acquisitions, financial instruments, technology licensing, investment tax credit, transfer pricing and administrative remedies.

Our tax practice can be divided into the following five areas:

Tax Dispute Resolution

  • Tax refund, recheck and appeal, administrative litigation, administrative settlement and application for constitutional interpretation

General tax consultation

  • Consultation on corporate tax, personal income tax, estate and gift tax, securities transaction tax, customs duties, entertainment tax, stamp tax and land tax
  • Consultation on transactions involving bonds, futures, foreign exchange, options, and other derivative and structured products
  • Consultation on tax-efficient investment structure and related tax planning for foreign investors
  • Consultation on international investment structure and related tax planning
  • Personal tax planning and consultation


Mergers and acquisitions

  • Tax consultation and planning on cross-border and domestic assets or share acquisition, mergers and spin-offs
  • Tax consultation and planning on mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs between financial institutions


Preferential tax treatment

  • Planning and application for preferential treatment
  • Interpretation and application of tax treaties


Transfer Pricing

  • Transfer pricing analysis of affiliated enterprises
  • Transfer pricing documentation and report review
  • Application for advance pricing agreements