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11/01/2019 個案立法—台灣與民主的距離的法治標尺 李念祖 臺灣與民主的距離 
10/01/2019 Taiwan Arbitration Update 李念祖
Asian Dispute Review 2019 
06/13/2019 Why China finds it difficult to appreciate democracy 李念祖 Cambridge Core in Global Constitutionalism, Vol. 8 Issue 2 
05/18/2019 Chapter 3:Asian Values, Confucian Tradition and Human Rights 李念祖 Taiwan and International Human Rights 
05/01/2019 Challenges And Fascination: A Message To Neophytes In The Arena Of Arbitration 李念祖
Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal Vol.12 No.1 
04/15/2019 憲法訴訟法在司法制度上的重大突破 李念祖 在野法潮41期 
04/10/2019 法官為司法審查的點石成金術─從釋字第177、371、407及617號解釋論審判中合憲性解釋的功能 李念祖 月旦裁判時報82期 
02/01/2019 Paradigm of Reciprocity and Comity – Taiwanese Court’s Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 李劍非
Austrian Yearbook of International Arbitration 2019 
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