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12/18/2017 Do substantial differences exist in determination of equivalent infringement? 陳初梅 ILO IP Newsletter (20171218) 
12/11/2017 Criteria for examining motivation to replicate invention of patent application 陳初梅 ILO IP Newsletter (20171211) 
11/30/2017 Purely Functional Design Feature and Its Effect on Claim Scope of Design Patent 陳初梅 LEE & LI Bulletin - November 2017 
11/30/2017 設計專利圖式中純功能性特徵之認定及對專利權範圍之影響 陳初梅 LEE & LI Bulletin - November 2017 
11/16/2017 Determining claim scope of Taiwan design patents 陳初梅 Asia Business Law Journal September-October 2017 
10/02/2017 最高裁判所が均等論の適用の判断において十分な証拠調べにより実質的相違の有無を確認すべき旨を判示 陳初梅 LEE & LI Bulletin - October 2017 
07/31/2017 The Prior Art Stated in a Patent Specification Should Be Deemed Common Knowledge/Ordinary Skill That Persons Ordinarily Skilled in the Art Had at the Time When the Patent Application Was Filed 陳初梅 LEE & LI Bulletin - July 2017 
07/31/2017 專利說明書敘述之先前技術應認為是專利申請當時所屬技術領域中具通常知識者之一般性知識或技能 陳初梅 LEE & LI Bulletin - July 2017 
05/31/2017 The Supreme Court Requires Thorough Investigations Into Evidence To Assess Whether Substantial Differences Exist In Determination Of Equivalent Infringement 陳初梅 LEE & LI Bulletin - May 2017 
05/31/2017 Prior Art References Not Disclosing Some Feature of a Patent and Being Different in Objective of Invention and Function Can Barely Motivate PHOSITA to Easily Combine Them to Complete the Invention 陳初梅 LEE & LI Bulletin - May 2017 
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