Massenet Liang

Senior Associate

He has handled the patent litigation cases in Taiwan and China and ever invited to teach patent courses.

He has the following publications:

(1) Topic: "Patent Search"

(2) Topic: "New Utility Model and New Utility Model Technical Report"

(3) Topic: "Patent Protection for Industrial Products"

(4) Topic: "Comparison between Protection for Design Patents and for 3-D Trademarks"

    Educational Background

    National Taipei Institute of Technology (1993)
    Shih Chien University (2004)
    National Taipei University of Technology, Institute of Mechatronic Engineering (2011)


    Kang-Chi focuses his practice on client counseling, opinion writing, preparing patent applications in a range of technologies, including mechanical engineering, structure-related products (electrical, medical, home appliance products) and design patents. He is experienced in patent drafting, patent search, patent prosecution, patent cancellation, patent infringement assessment and patent validity analysis.


    Lee and Li (1996-)

    Contact Information

    Taipei Office
    Telephone:+886-2-2763-8000 Ext.2688