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LEE & LI Bulletin - February 2019

The FTC Approved the Combination Notification Submitted for CNS Acquisition In its 1413th Commissioner’s Meeting on December 12, 2018, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) approved, with conditions, the combination notification submitted by Hong Ce Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Jhen Han Capital Co., Ltd. for the acquisition of Anshen Development Co., Ltd., Porken Development Co., Ltd. and their subsidiaries, including China Network System Co., Ltd., Global Digital Media Co., Ltd., CNS Broadband Co., Ltd., and 12 cable TV system operators ("SOs"). In accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 13 of the Fair Trade Act, the FTC did not prohibit the combination but attached conditions to ensure that the overall economic benefit of the combination outweighs the disadvantages resulting from competition restraint. ....More