Social Responsibility

To improve society and create a safe and secure living environment, Lee and Li is committed to spreading legal concepts and knowledge in order to actively participate in legal education and promotion of knowledge. We strive to promote respect for laws and rights and compliance with morals and social order, so that legal values are a part of our daily lives.

  • The training initiatives of the Training Institute for Judges and Prosecutors – Since 2006, Lee and Li has been entrusted by the Ministry of Justice to prepare and implement practical legal courses for judicial officers. Those who enrolled in the training programs have benefitted tremendously.
  • English translation of the "Interpretations of the Justices of the Constitutional Court" – To present our country's constitutional interpretations to the international community, our firm was entrusted by the Judicial Yuan to translate the "Interpretations of the Justices of the Constitutional Court" into English to share Taiwan's efforts in upholding human rights and democracy and advancing the rule of law.
  • Collaborations with the Lee and Li Foundation:
    ‧Lee and Li Collegiate Moot Court Competition - Each year the competition is held in Taiwan and China, and a round table is organized to facilitate deeper discussion between the winning teams from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Faculty members and experts also provide analysis of the case and discuss moot court training.
    ‧Lee and Li Legal Publications – These writings represent a distillation of our colleagues' legal experience, their law school lectures, and the latest theories and legal developments.