We are highly qualified to serve transnational enterprises. Many of our colleagues have studied in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and so on and are fluent in English or Japanese and experienced in representing international clients. Furthermore, Lee and Li has forged long-term relationships with renowned law firms in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our pool of specialists and the international network we have built over time are the key to providing peerless transnational legal services.


We work closely with distinguished international consulting firms, accounting firms and financial institutes and are thus able to integrate specialized resources and promptly provide comprehensive information about financial and investment conditions. To better cope with the needs of our clients in mainland China, Lee and Li provides legal services on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Valued for our professional ability and familiarity with clients' global strategies, we are sought by an increasing number of clients to assist with the legal issues they encounter in mainland China. As cross-strait trade activities gather pace, Lee and Li provides integrated legal services in the Greater China area for many clients. Dr. C. V. Chen, Nigel N. T. Li and Chia-Ching Lee are arbitrators of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission.


Lee and Li has set up platforms to provide cross-strait legal services/intellectual property right services by collaborating with law firms and intellectual property agencies in Mainland China. With such two-way collaboration, we provide clients in the Greater China area with professional services that they need. We have formed alliances with L&L-Leaven, Attorneys-at-Law in Shanghai, which consolidated with our strategic alliance Leaven, Attorneys-at-Law in Shanghai, and Lee and Li-Leaven IPR Agency Ltd. in Beijing. Such alliances allow us to render extensive and timely services in the Greater China area.


Through the Greater China service platform established by Lee and Li, we have assisted a considerable number of clients on cross strait matters, including a Taiwanese listed company's disposal of shares in its Chinese subsidiary, a well-known Chinese private equity fund's investment in a Taiwanese company, initial public offerings in Taiwan of Taiwan listed companies' Chinese subsidiaries, joint ventures in China by Taiwanese listed companies and litigation or arbitration in China or elsewhere of the Chinese subsidiaries of Taiwanese listed companies. The effectiveness of the Greater China service platform is widely recognized and trusted by our clients. This platform not only significantly saves the clients' time in identifying and contacting suitable lawyers in China but also enables the clients to make investment and operation decisions efficiently and accurately because any misunderstanding of the differences in the legal systems and practices across the Strait has been averted. In view of the positive performance of the Greater China legal service platform and the execution of the investment protection agreement between Taiwan and China, Lee and Li and our strategic alliances have been engaged by a Taiwanese company to advise on the expropriation of the land owned by its subsidiary in China.


Furthermore, in the summer of 1999, Dr. C. V. Chen proposed to set aside resources to establish the Lee and Li Foundation. Thereafter, Lee and Li sponsored the Foundation's costs, including the costs for hosting the Lee and Li Moot Court Competitions, the scholarship for cross Strait legal education, the grants for theses, and the Lee and Li Classroom, which are activities actively participated by students and connecting Lee and Li and the society.


The Lee and Li Foundation has been hosting the Lee and Li Moot Court Competition in Taiwan since 2001 and for universities in China in collaboration with the law school of Beijing's Tsinghua University since 2003. The competition has since become a prestigious moot court event among the law schools on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. In addition, to bridge the substantial chasm between theory and practice, the "Lee and Li Classroom" was conceived in 2013, a forum through which we share with young minds and the broader society our experience and the knowledge required to practice law. The informative lectures are uploaded online for public viewing and have been received enthusiastically. In 2015, we started the Citizens' Action Competition – a collegiate legal eduction event that promotes interdisciplinary knowledge, critial thinking, moral reasoning, civil responsibilty, career development and diversity. Lee and Li's commitment to social responsibility, professional services, charitable endeavors and cross-strait academic exchange has taken root in the firm's culture.