Greater China Legal Services

To better meet the needs for legal services of our clients in mainland China, starting from 1990s, Lee and Li has assisted clients in cases involving cross-border legal and intellectual property rights (IPR), with help from law firms and IPR institutions in mainland China. Valued for our professional ability and familiarity with clients' global strategies, we are sought by an increasing number of clients to assist with the legal and IPR issues that they encounter in mainland China.

In recent years, Taiwanese and foreign companies have ventured into China to engage in investment and other commercial activities. China has also commenced investing in Taiwan. With the increase in cross-strait commercial activities over the past years, Lee and Li has become a one-stop shop for providing fully integrated legal services in the Greater China. To meet our clients' increasing demand for legal services and to maximize efficiency, we collaborated with law firms and IPR institutions in China and established a cross-strait legal/IPR service platform. Integrated services are provided to clients in the Greater China Area through this two-way collaboration system.

On IPR, in addition to almost 50 years of experience of practicing law in Taiwan, Lee and Li has over 20 years of experience from assisting clients in handling IPR matters in other countries. We have been deeply involved in our clients' projects in China and are committed to serve the clients with the professional resources that we have accumulated over the years. To enhance service efficiency and manage expenses, Lee and Li established a close strategic alliance with Lee and Li - Leaven IPR Agency Ltd. in Beijing ("Leaven IPR") in October 2003. On this strategic alliance platform, Lee and Li and Leaven IPR cooperate and share resources with each other and provide a full range of services with regard to IPR, including applications for protection, management, strategy and exercise of rights. Leaven IPR, established in October 2003, is a professional institution which handles all kinds of IPR cases. The responsible person, Mr. Wang Yunfang, was one of the first generation of registered patent attorneys and trademark attorneys in China and has decades of practical experience in the IP field. Other patent attorneys in Leaven IPR possess various technology background and are experienced in handling cross-border IPR matters. Furthermore, Leaven IPR has an outstanding trademark and copyright team, comprised of experienced trademark attorneys and staff, ready to serve our clients. Leaven IPR puts a high emphasis on service quality and professionalism. Within years after its establishment, Leaven IPR was selected as one of the top 20 patent agencies for matters with a foreign element and received the award of Outstanding Patent Agency for Matters with a Foreign Element in 2011 and the Corporate Intl Magazine Legal Award: Patents Law – Law Firm of the Year in China in 2011 and 2013, respectively.

In addition to IPR matters, Lee and Li's Taiwanese and foreign clients also heavily rely on us for other legal matters in China. We have formed alliances with L&L-Leaven, Attorneys-at-Law in Shanghai ("L&L-Leaven") to render quality legal advice and dispute resolution services for cross-strait matters. L&L-Leaven is comprised of a team of legal staff led by senior counselor Jonathan Yi-Sen Chan, senior counselor Alex Jui-Lin Liu, Sean Xiao-Ming Lee, Esq. and Kate Liu, Esq. Through this strategic alliance platform, Lee and Li and L&L-Leaven assist Taiwanese and foreign clients in their merger and acquisition projects in China, the mergers and acquisitions of Chinese clients in Taiwan and cross-strait financing projects. As a result of Taiwan's shift of policy towards encouraging Taiwanese enterprises in China to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) in Taiwan, L&L-Leaven has acted as issuer's or underwriter's counsel in over 10 IPO cases. After the execution of an investment protection agreement between Taiwan and China, Lee and Li and L&L-Leaven have effectively protected the interests of Taiwanese clients in China by representing them in investment disputes through the investment protection mechanism provided under said agreement.

Through the Greater China service platform established by Lee and Li, Leaven IPR and L&L-Leaven, clients from around the globe receive prompt and professional services that they need, including services related to IPR (applications for protection, exercise of right, strategy and commercial use of rights) and other legal aspects. For example, a Taiwanese listed company's disposal of shares in its Chinese subsidiary, a Chinese private equity fund's investment in a Taiwanese company, initial public offerings in Taiwan of Taiwan listed companies' Chinese subsidiaries, joint ventures in China by Taiwanese listed companies and litigation or arbitration in China or elsewhere of the Chinese subsidiaries of Taiwanese companies. The effectiveness of the Greater China service platform is widely recognized and trusted by our clients. For instance, this platform not only significantly saves the clients' time in identifying and contacting suitable lawyers/agents in China but also enables the clients to make investment and operation decisions efficiently and accurately because any misunderstanding of the differences in the legal systems and practices across the Strait has been averted.

China allowed Taiwanese to take its bar exam and patent attorney exam in 2009 and 2011, respectively. A number of our colleagues have passed such exams. As needed by our practice, we anticipate that more of our colleagues will seat and pass those exams. For years, we have dispatched our senior colleagues to our strategic alliances, Leaven IPR and L&L-Leaven (including our colleagues who have passed said exams in China) to ensure direct and seamless communications between Taiwanese clients and Leaven IPR and L&L-Leaven. We believe such a development will further improve our Greater Chinese legal services.